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An LGBTQ film about a teenage boy, Taylor, who is struggling with his identity and gets jumped at a bus stop for being gay. In the midst of the attack, a drag queen, Annie Depressant, intervenes and chases the boys away. Noticing that Taylor is interested in drag culture, she takes him back to her drag bar to clean him up. She ends up “adopting” him as her drag kid, and he is able to overcome his fears and become a stronger person.

Director: Moira Donnelly

Producers: Emma Walters, Falynn Donaldson

Production Design: Renee Radell, Laila Panlaque  

Costumes: Erin Donnelly

DoP: Siena Martino

Operator: Dallas Jenkins

Gaffer: Toni Kabugo

1AC: Miguel de Bonilla

2AC: Ambrose Devine

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